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VG Electronic Medical Record

Our EMR helps doctors as well as patients to manage and protect health and diagnosing treatment record accessible securely within hospital. Our EMR complies with relevant authorities policies and standards. Some of the key features & benefits of our EMR are:

The Laboratory Information Software is our breakthrough product in laboratory management. LIS the performance boost of personnel and equipment, increase the operational efficiency of the laboratory units

  • Make the best use of the performance of machinery and equipment
  • Reduce turn around time (TAT – Turn Around Time)
  • Ensure the accuracy of the returned results

Electronic medical records help each citizen to know and manage health information continuously and their whole life. Since then, proactively prevent disease, actively take care of their health. When go to meet doctors, through the health records, the patient provides the physician with medical records, medical history and medical examination process quickly, accurately and fully to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of physicians

For physicians, electronic medical records provide physicians full information about illnesses, medical history, risk factors affecting health, thereby combining with current examination.  The physician has a more comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health, timely and accurate diagnosis, earlier detection of disease, timely treatment when the disease is still at an early stage which bring more effective treatment, reduce the cost of medical examination and treatment of each citizen. Moreover, when information of the patient’s health is made available between levels, it will help better diagnosis and treatment coordination. Electronic medical records help physicians provide health care for people continuously and comprehensively according to the principles of better family medicine.

For the management, the deployment of electronic medical records helps the industry to obtain full, accurate and timely information of people’s health. Regard of health insurance, when information of medical examination and treatment of patients is clear and transparent, it helps to manage medical examination and treatment costs under medical insurance easier, contributing to limiting drug  and test abuse if any

It can be said that if a health monitoring book is established for each citizen by electronic medical records, then proceed to officially deploy it nationwide, it will bring many benefits to the people. In the long term, updating personal health management records integrated with social insurance cards which will help people become easier to go to any health facility and doctors and get a health condition, a medical history, there’s no need to do unnecessary tests, especially emergencies.

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