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VG Intelligent Hospital Information System


Hospital Information Core Systems

Our HIS Pro system is built upon on a strong modular platform with comprehensive coverage of hospital management & operations for doctors, physicians, radiologist, administrator and hospital management. Some of the key core modules are

A complete adminission process which include registration and discharge. We build the system together with our friendly kiosk and place at hospital registration area to facilitate the queing process. Upon registration, the patient records will be retrieved for the patient and the attended physicians. Our complete system gives patient the comfort and ease at the point they enter the hospital for an appointments, discharge or transfer.

Medical Diagnosis module allows doctors to perform medical diagnosis and record the patient record inclusive of vital signs and subclinical indications. The doctor can perform prescription via online. Doctor will have overall view of the diagnosis records and can perform diagnosis more accurately, effectively and conveniently.

The Clinical Care system is the core system of our Hospital Information System HISPro. Its comprehensive submodules are inclusive of  organizational setup, patient management, room and bed management, treatment, phamarcy and medications, consumables, subclinical designations, transfer within hospital units and discharge.

The module manages the collection and payment from the time of patient admitted to the time of discharge inclusive of collection of doctor fees, service charges, hospitalization advance fees, excess refunds and reimbursement. The module connects with all other HIS modules and capture all expenses into billings statement transparently and consistently using standard hospital pricing.

The module consist of inventory and warehouse of pharmacies supplies and other supplies required by the hospitals. User can do warehouse transfer. The module allows user to manage medicines, medical supplies and consumables separately. User can export or import the database and perform batch job for certain backend processing. The module comes with standard drugs inventory and user can add additional drug library information i.e. traditional medicines.

This module used for CDHA (Ultrasound, XQ, CT, MRI ) in the operation theatre rooms. The software system helps

departments to receive list of  waiting patient, view patient information, designation information, enter results (with sample

results), and return results to the doctor. In addition HISPRO also connects to all PACS systems, making it more convenient

for customers to transfer in-depth image data.

Business Analytic module provide statistical and business anlytic reports for different level of managmenet in the hospital with standard and configurable non standard report as required by the hospital and ministry of health. Some of examples of the report includes the health insurance statistic report.

The module is user friendly and easy to manage. The HISPro is designed with minimum configuration requirement but at the same time provide the system administration to modify number of paramters as required for the hospital such as patient code, general system setting and a lot more. It also provides system logs for trouble shooting purpose.

Electronic Medical Record

Our EMR helps doctors as well as patients to manage and protect health and diagnosing treatment record accessible securely within hospital. Our EMR complies with relevant authorities policies and standards. Some of the key features & benefits of our EMR are:

Electronic medical records help each citizen to know and manage health information continuously and their whole life. Since then, proactively prevent disease, actively take care of their health. When go to meet doctors, through the health records, the patient provides the physician with medical records, medical history and medical examination process quickly, accurately and fully to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of physicians

For physicians, electronic medical records provide physicians full information about illnesses, medical history, risk factors affecting health, thereby combining with current examination.  The physician has a more comprehensive assessment of the patient’s health, timely and accurate diagnosis, earlier detection of disease, timely treatment when the disease is still at an early stage which bring more effective treatment, reduce the cost of medical examination and treatment of each citizen. Moreover, when information of the patient’s health is made available between levels, it will help better diagnosis and treatment coordination. Electronic medical records help physicians provide health care for people continuously and comprehensively according to the principles of better family medicine.

For the management, the deployment of electronic medical records helps the industry to obtain full, accurate and timely information of people’s health. Regard of health insurance, when information of medical examination and treatment of patients is clear and transparent, it helps to manage medical examination and treatment costs under medical insurance easier, contributing to limiting drug  and test abuse if any

It can be said that if a health monitoring book is established for each citizen by electronic medical records, then proceed to officially deploy it nationwide, it will bring many benefits to the people. In the long term, updating personal health management records integrated with social insurance cards which will help people become easier to go to any health facility and doctors and get a health condition, a medical history, there’s no need to do unnecessary tests, especially emergencies.


Picture Archiving & Communication System

Full support 2D, 3D and 4D Advanced Visualization for radiologist with strong analytic tools. Some of the key features and benefits are :

Replacing paper printed records: PACS can replace managing media basing on medical printed records, with archiving Films, for example. By allowing reduction of digital archiving cost, it gives cost benefit and increasing space for archiving films besides the advantage of immediate access to previous pictures in the same facility. Digital backup is called soft backup

Our PACS  extends capability of normal system by providing functions of watching and reporting out of web (remote education, remote diagnosis). It allows users in physical sites accessing to the same information and pictures at the same time remotely.

It provides electronic platform for radiographic images communicating other medical automatic systems such as Hospital information system (HIS), Electronic medical record (EMR), Practice managing software, Radiology Information System (RIS).

PACS is used by X-ray officer to manage working process of patient examinations.

Improving authority of accessing to patients’ records in the past and at present

The whole files and retrieving speed;

Better diagnosis.

Better patient management/earlier intervention;

Better patients’ result;

Resident time reduction;

Reducing legal cost due to loss of films, shortage of patient case history records, etc.

Reducing contacting radiation from X-ray devices;

Shortening examination time;

Reducing contacting radiation owing to reducing in re-imaging

Reducing inconvenience of patients when coming to hospital for examination and re-examination;

Reducing negative reacting risks of contrast factors.

Better communication among doctors;

Better hospital management;

Better training for X-ray student and others through accessing online image files and digital teaching files

Better officers maintenance owing to the improvement of spirit.


Laboratory Information System

Breakthrough product in laboratory management that help improve the personnel and equipment efficiencies and effectiveness. Some of the key benefits and features of VG LIS are:

Optimize the utilization of machinery and equipment
Reduce turn around time (TAT – Turn Around Time)
Ensure the accuracy of the returned results.

Management module connected to other systems of LIS is designed to be very flexible, allowing direct connection via intermediate data tables or via files in standard XML format, Web service, etc . In particular, this module has solved a very important problem when making connections with many different systems: allowing the declaration and configuration of test parameters sent by different systems. For example, the RGB parameter in hospital A remains the same as RGB but in hospital B it is declared as Red Blood Cell (RGB).

With flexible design, suitable for different types of clinics, large and small hospitals, and various infrastructure, applicability of LIS is very diverse. It is possible to deploy LIS in a small laboratory with a high configuration PC or deploy to multiple laboratories with LAN systems and dedicated servers in the same hospital. Especially, LIS is suitable for large testing centers using automated testing systems with the capacity of hundreds of tests per hour.

Our Other Solutions

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Basic medical management and provision of accurate and quick information for small healthcare centers

System to manage assets and tailored made for healthcare organizations

System to manage hospital human resource

Call system between nurse and patient

Helps users to register and obtain examination via online

System to manage content, list and scientific research thesis workflow

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