One Nation One Medical Card

Convenient Secure Multipurpose Card for National Medical Card

VG Smart Medical ID

Our EMR helps doctors as well as patients to manage and protect health and diagnosing treatment record accessible securely within hospital. Our EMR complies with relevant authorities policies and standards. Some of the key features & benefits of our EMR are:

Our Smart Medical ID can be implemented under the National One Card System, in collaboration with relevant government agencies to benefit citizens. Besides using during visit to hospital or clinic, the card can also be use for travel and trade or even financial transaction i.e. ATM card.

System smart healthcare cards to help people register for the examination far more convenient from the reduction of patient waiting, reduce stasis jam in hospital

The reception electronic applications help patients reduce wait times and ensure quick results, the patient data is stored on the system’s electronic health record software hospital.

The introduction of electronic payment solutions helps reduce the use of cash in hospitals, reducing the risk of exposure when using money.

Managing the registration of medical examination and treatment: Registration for patient reception is done in advance through the system of call center and software at the hospital. The telemarketers who have consulted and consulted with patients in advance about the medical examination schedule should help regulate the number of patients coming to the hospital in terms of both quantity and time to avoid congestion and wait at the hospital.

Shortening the process and time for patient reception: Patients arriving at the hospital can actively swipe the card to get the card to the clinic or present the card at the electronic reception counter, hospital reception staff support swipe. The software system will identify the patient information and print the registration form. The patient holding the registration form has the registered number, the number of registered clinics and goes straight to the clinic.

Storing and sharing information about medical examination and treatment history of patients: Personal information of patients, information about test results, subclinical results, diagnosis results, prescription of each patient. save on system. Doctors at the institute can access the above information for reference in the process of diagnosis and treatment for patients.

Electronic payment, safety and convenience: The hospital can place card payment devices in clinics to allow patients to pay hospital fees or service charges right at the machine through swiping cards without having to move. much or use cash.

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