PHR Patient Healthcare Application

Empower the citizens with their patient health records easily and securely

BiiN Patient Doctor

Some of the key features & benefits of our Patient Doctor Applications are:

BIIN application on smartphone / tablet / computer provides proactive health care services based on information smart technology , BIIN application helps to connect users and doctors easily anytime, anywhere. Users can use the application for health advice, electronic medical lookup, clinics, and other health services

BIIN is a service that uses mobile app technology to connect doctors with patients. We have a team of specialists with many years of experience working in central hospital lines, concentrated in the two largest cities of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Doctors can deal with everything: from common illnesses to speech problems; advice on exercise regime, nutrition regime; psychological and physiological issues; from pediatrics to geriatrics, both internal and surgical, anytime, anywhere

With a convenient and easy-to-use process, BIIN will help you understand your health status, detect and treat risks of yourself and your family .

 Limit the journey to find a doctor, hospital / clinic and minimize the number of hours waiting for your medical visits

Display user personal information:

This function is only available in patient app, to view personal information, users go to menu and click on “Personal information”

Electronic medical records:

This function shows patient visits. Each patient may have multiple courses of treatment.

For patients: detailed information can be displayed directly on the screen. For doctors: Doctors only see electronic health records if the consent of the patient.

Exam: details the visit during that treatment session.

Medical order: Displays the services performed by the patient during treatment. During a course of treatment there will be many requests for services.

Testing: showing the test results in previous visits in detail.

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