Our Solutions

Hospital Healthcare Operations

HISPRO (Hospital Information System Professional) – Hospital management information system was built and developed by a passionate team with extensive experience in the field of medical IT at VietSens Technology Group. We consider HISPRO an important and essential solution in the field of hospitals, so we designed the system in modular to be easily upgraded, expanded as well as easily connected to other systems. There are full of modules on administration, office, medical examination and treatment, support for medical examination and treatment, exploitation  and connection

Patient Portal

Our patient portal is a healthcare-related online applications that allow patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers, such as physicians and hospitals. Portal services are available on the Internet at all hours of the day and night. Some patient portal applications exist as stand-alone web sites and sell their services to healthcare providers. Other portal applications are integrated into the existing web site of a healthcare provider. Still others are modules added onto an existing electronic medical record (EMR) system. What all of these services share is the ability of patients to interact with their medical information via the Internet

Enterprise Healthcare Management

Our Electronic Health Record is using common architecture largely accepted by jurisdictions, architecture that includes privacy and security, comprehensive standards collaboration process, new BiiN standards sollaborative

Smart Medical ID Card

Electronic medical record (EMR) is a place to store medical examination and treatment information from birth to death. Help doctors as well as patients take the initiative in protecting health and diagnosing treatment anywhere. Electronic Medical records can be used from people, hospitals, medical facilities to the entire health sector. The software is built on the legal bases that are documents of the State, Government, Ministry of Health-