Our Solutions

Hospital Healthcare Operations

HISPRO (Hospital Information System Professional) is our hospital management information system that was built and developed by our passionate team with extensive experience in the digital healthcare field. We consider HISPRO an important and essential solution to meet our clients’ complex needs, so we designed the system in a modular way that can be easily upgraded, expanded as well as easily connected to other third party systems. HISPro comes with full modules of EMR, PACS, LIS, Smart Medical Card, Patient Portal, Accounting & Billing and Connectivity HL7 API.

Patient Portal

Our patient portal is a secure online website and mobile application (Biin) provides patients with realtime access to personal health information at the secured cloud. With secured login using username, password, fingerprint and face recognition, any patient can view personal health information such as visit history, billing information, medication records, immunizations, allergies, lab results, PACS records, securely message your doctor, request for a prescription, schedule appointments, check benefits and coverage of insurance, update contact information, make payments, nearest hospital, and its facility, view educational materials

Enterprise Healthcare Management

Medical record information of a patient from birth to death, EHR includes personal  information of patients, medical and treatment history, drug allergies, subclinical information, etc, which is stored in digital form. Designed to store data accurately from time to time. Eliminate all previous paper records, ensuring accuracy and readability. Avoids the risk of data copying because there is only one file can be modified, reducing the risk of being lost and  fired, increasing the security and safety of data, while it also is easy to connect and share

Smart Medical ID Card

Our Smart Medical ID can be implemented under the National One Card System, in collaboration with relevant government agencies to benefit citizens. Besides using during a visit to a hospital or clinic, the card can also be used for travel and trade or even financial transaction i.e. ATM card. The smart card helps patients register for the admission far more convenient and reduce patient waiting time at registration.The introduction of electronic payment solutions helps reduce the use of cash in hospitals, reducing the risk of exposure to fraudulent claims.

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